Thursday, November 6, 2008

Musical Babyfood

I was standing there staring down at the chair before me, I realized then that this was the lowest moment of my life. You see we were playing a game called "musical Baby food" where you run around the chairs and when the music stops you have to take a bite of the food before you. Our youth group was pretty small, so it didn't take long for us to get down to the final two. There we stood, whoever won this would have to finish all the baby food from the previous rounds, and would be the winner. The music started and we began to run around a single chair that held 9 half eaten jars of baby food. The monotony of the music was getting to me, causing me to lose focus, and then it stopped. There I was standing directly in front of the chair.

I knew what I had to do. I dug in. I began eating I started with carrots, moved quickly to peas and then "it" happened, I came face to face with the spinach. I stared down at that green Gerber goodness, and thought to myself "what the crap am I doing"? This is terrible, and then I looked around. All my peers were gathered in a circle chanting my name. I did it, I did it for them. I wanted to be there hero, I wanted to make them happy. So I finished off the baby food.

The irony of this story is that nobody remembers it. The next week nobody was patting me on the back, cheering me on. It was as if nothing ever happened. So many times in high school we settle, to please the people around us. And they never remember it. Now the baby food wasn't that big of a deal, but premarital sex is, drugs are, stealing, drinking, cheating, stupidity, all these things cause pain, yet the people we do it to please are unaffected. We have to show the youth of today how to think for themselves. To put the spoon down and walk away, STOP EATING BABY FOOD.

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Mark Brandon said...

AMEN. Good stuff again, Lauren.

By the way, I am now reading through the past MONTH of your blog because I'm that far behind. So, sorry if my comments are lame. I really enjoy reading this stuff, though! Keep it coming.