Thursday, November 13, 2008

Authentic Mediocrity

We need to be real. The world can see through the crap of our fake existence. Someone once said "find out who you are; and do it on purpose". If we as the church do not stand up and own our transgressions, admit to our wrongs, apologize for our judgment, than we the church will fall to the hypocrisy of our own lips. We need to remember that the hands that praise our God are the very same hands that nailed him to that cross. BE REAL! The throat of the church bleeds from silenced screams and unspoken prayers. The heart that doesn't love is the heart that doesn't beat; the church is dying because the church doesn’t love. Leonard Ravenhill once said "it's not the empty pews we need to worry about in the church; it's the empty people in the pews". When did I trade my soul for complacency? Since when is Love an option? Love God, love others. Why have we traded authenticity for mediocrity?

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Mark Brandon said...

The question is... how do we do this? I defer to Craig Groeschel, a wiser (and much more published) man than I.

He says: Do something drastic!

His most recent blog: "Fanning the Spiritual Flame"

Read it.