Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For the Love of God

For the love of God, can we love God? Sometimes I feel like we spend to much time being Christians and forget about being worshipers. We spend so much time fighting legalism, that it becomes legalistic. Please, please, please, please, just love God! That's all I have...because that's all God wants. (In your love for God, you will desire to seek his very heart and you will in turn love others...thus fulfilling the greatest commandments.)

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Mark Brandon said...

"We spend so much time fighting legalism, that it becomes legalistic."


A scene just flashed before my eyes:

In a "seeker-friendly" church, where the preacher is cool (he calls his sermons "talks"!), the band is rockin' (was that Coldplay or U2 they just played?), and the people are coffee-house variety (dreads, up-do's, and ooh, look, an emo kid!). I walk in and a deaconness (oh cool, chick leaders!) says to me,

"We only accept different people here. None of those normal Christians."

Not that being different is bad... I don't even see a problem with niche churches. But when being different or cool or non-legalistic is a higher priority than true faith or spiritual discipline... scary.