Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Believe I can Fly

When I was a little girl I totally believed I could fly. This is serious. I would jump off of the furniture and flail my arms in the air as fast as I could, I was convinced that I could defy gravity. (Rebellion really is a way of life for me) My parents, siblings and friends all thought I was crazy, and told me so often. though my 5 year old heart never listened to them, eventually trying to fly day after day, got really painful. You see, I wouldn't just jump off the couch and land on my sir, not me, I'm too devoted to the cause. I would jump off the couch and land face first on the floor. (I know, really dumb). The beauty of it is, I never stopped believing I can fly.

I know what your thinking you cynics, and yes I still believe I can fly. There is this part of me that never lost my childish hopes. I convinced myself for a time that flying is impossible, and then one day I was babysitting this 6 year old boy, and he began to get on the couch and jump off flapping his arms as fast as he could. I asked him "Matthew, what are you doing" and then before Matthew could speak his 9 year old sister chimed in "oh Matthew is an idiot, he thinks he can fly". I will never forget that moment in a split second I remembered all the bruises, all the jumps, all my family calling me crazy, all the excitement, all the faith. And before I could stop myself, I got up on that couch next to Matthew, I held his hand and I said "are you ready to fly?"

Jumping off the couch with Matthew that day woke me up. Did we fly? No. Did one or both of us get hurt? Yes. Have I ever been asked to babysit for them again? No. (I guess stories of a 19 year old jumping off your couch can worry some parents) Did I regain a childlike wreckless abandonment that I had lost? Yes. Will I ever be the same again? No.

I know what your thinking, you think I'm crazy. But isn't believing that you can fly, the same thing as believing that a long time ago a virgin had a baby, and that baby was the creator of the universe, and he came to save the world? Come on...I'm not asking you to jump off the couch, I'm asking you to get off the couch. Stop being so lazy, do something BIG for God. You know what? Your going to fall on your face...I garuntee it. It doesn't matter how much you fall, it matters how much you get up.

(I know you want to try it, go ahead, when nobody is looking, jump off the sofa)

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Mark Brandon said...

I just jumped off the sofa... in my mind.

Good stuff, Pyles. You're still a kid, and you should never change that! I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future!

New Rule: If we read each other's blogs, we are required to comment. Nothing like guilt for motivation!