Tuesday, October 28, 2008

City of the Blind

Once I read this story called city of the blind. It was a fascinating story about a city with only blind people in it, none of them had ever even heard of sight. One day a man who has sight stumbles upon this city, and is amazed at all that they accomplish together, everything is done with a teamwork attitude. And then the man with sight sees the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Well the story is really sappy and they end up falling in love, and all that junk. But that's not the peek of the story, the peek of the story is when they decide to get married, the city people are furious. They think the seeing man is crazy because of all of his stories of sight. They think that even the idea of sight is absurd. But the girl loves his stories and dreams of one day seeing. The elders of the city decide to let the man live in the city and work with them, to give them more time to decide whether or not they will let him marry one of their own. Once they began to work it was clear to the elders that the man is crazy. You see the city of the blind do all their work at night when it's dark, so the cool air can come upon them as they work, and they sleep in the daytime so the sun will keep them warm as they sleep. as they work they have no lights, for the obvious reason that they're blind, and therefore don't need light. The man just cant' work the same way that they can. After much consideration, the elders of the city decide that they will let the young lovers get married, IF the man will gouge out his eyes. The man is so in love with this girl, but half of his love for her rests in how beautiful she is. And the young girl is merely in love with the thought of sight. The man decides to go for it, he decides to let the city men gouge out his eyes. A few hours before it's time to have the procedure, the man tells his love that he is going to go for a walk, to look at the country side one last time. And the man is never seen again. The man decided to keep his sight, and just never forget how beautiful she was, and the girl decided to always believe his stories of sight, and to know wherever he was that he was seeing her in his dreams.

One might ask what the moral of this story is, My perception is that sometimes walking away from love with nothing but the memory is the right thing to do.

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Mark Brandon said...

I think you're right in your analysis of the story- but man, am I depressed! In all seriousness, though- I think the right thing happened here. If I would have written it, something even more horrible would have happened...

The guy would have gone through with it- then the woman realizes because he can't see she doesn't love him anymore, then he trips over something and the townspeople literally kick him while he's down. The end.