Friday, October 24, 2008

2 pounds 13 ounces

6:54 a.m. Wednesday morning, Rachel Worley gave birth to a baby boy. She and her husband named him Micah Cole. Micah Cole is a very special baby boy, he was born 10 weeks early therefore causing him to be extremely premature. Micah only weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces. I got the privilege of seeing Micah this last week, and I feel as if I witnessed a miracle right before my eyes. From my side of the incubator where he lay, I could see him moving and reaching at the tubes that were ever surrounding him, the nurse told me I could reach my hand through and touch him if I wanted, as long as I didn't caress him, his skin is too sensitive and wouldn't hold. As I lay my finger on that little baby's stomach, I knew that he would some day change the world. Micah Cole may only weigh a few pounds right now, but that won't last forever. I relayed to a friend of mine that Micah would change the world, and he asked me how I knew, I merely replied "because it only took a split second for him to change MY world". That day with Micah is only the beginning for me, because you see, Rachel Worley is my sister, and Micah Cole is my nephew; my 2 pound, 13 ounce, world changing nephew. And every day that he fights to grow and develope, is a day that I watch in awe of who he is and who he will be.

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