Thursday, December 18, 2008

This pain that we often crave.

A deep mistake has been made in this day and age. Love has been romanticized. The rumor has been spread, the lie has been bought and the verdict is that love equals fun, easy, simplicity. I sit and wait for reality to come, for fatality to claim this lie, and for the truth to come in and sting like sand in an open wound. This thing, this human emotion we fantasize about and dream of and put our best face on for, is love. And love sits on a line between incomprehensible beauty, and a misunderstood loss of humanity, bringing one to the scary place of inhumanity. I only say "inhumane" because it goes against every selfish human desire. Love sells. It's commercials make it look fun, and exciting. There's a whole day, just for love. Everyone sends flowers and candy and that is somehow an adequate description of what love is. The candy is eaten the flowers die and at the end of the day has love really been communicated? In my opinion, love is pain. For some reason though, we crave this pain. Like a cutter craves the edge of the blade, lovers crave the sting of desire. They are desiring the very soul of another being, they fight each day for that soul, while all along knowing it will never be accomplished, for the only soul one owns is the one within there own body. This isn't meant to discourage, it's meant to encourage, to inspire, and to forewarn. Love isn't easy, it's hard and messy. Love isn't pretty, it's beautiful. Love is pain that you fear will go away.


Heather said...

beautiful and honest.

Mark Brandon said...

"Love is pain that you fear will go away..."

Hm... It's eloquent, and you make a good point... but its a little one-sided.

The most accurate statement in the post is "Love is isn't easy, it's hard and messy." That is very true.

This messy and difficult entity called love is so much more than "a pain that you fear will go away," however. It can also be the joy of safety, the glee of unbridled spontaneity, and the satisfaction of seeing the flaws in someone and being content with them anyway.

Love is a pain that you fear will go away. Love is a joy that you know won't go away.

Lauren Nicole said...

for the first time in my life Brandon, I understand YOUR view of love.....thanks for the comment.